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Was born in Vinaròs, a coastal town in the Mediterranean. Her interest in painting began at the age of 9 with the help of the painter Ramon Valls Bosch. She studied Pharmacy in the city of Barcelona where she eventually developed her career into a 20 year profession in a pharmacy in a disenfranchised neighborhood situated in Barcelona’s Red Belt. In 2009 she moved to live in Basel in Switzerland with her family. Although her interest in artistic expression had not been lost, it is there in Basel where she has found the space to develop her passion for painting.

She is basically self-taught. She has began her artistic training and has taken courses in watercolour, screen painting and drawing at the Basel School of Art.

Today she teaches drawing, painting and creativity courses at her studio in Ettingen.

Her work has been influenced by various factors such as her place of birth and her childhood. However, her years practicing pharmacy and the life stories of her clients have impacted her artistic work significantly.

A blue chromatic range and the use of water as an improvisational element are present in her work. The landscapes of her childhood, together with the emotions these evoke, are also reflected in her work.

She works with various materials, such as wood, canvas or paper, and combines the techniques of watercolor with acrylic, screen printing or collage.

Her watercolours have been featured on the album covers of the musician,composer, author and theatre director Rainer Fiedler and the composer and percussionist Carles Pereira.

Currently she is working on a series as a result of her emotional exploration involving her contact with nature and an introspective review of her life trajectory.


Carmen Ferrer
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